Roleplaying Summer Camps

June 20-24, 9am-noon

July 11-15, 9am-noon

July 25-29, 9am-noon

Have a young one at home curious about learning and playing a Dungeons and Dragons style game? Are they interested in a creative social experience this summer? Do they want to roll some dice with friends and slay some dragons? Well then, our Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Camps may be for them.


This summer, we will offer camps for up to 5 young heroes, ages 9-13, using the Pathfinder rule set (really just on older version of Dungeons & Dragons). Using a pencil, paper, some dice, and their imagination, campers will cooperate to complete a heroic quest. Both beginners and experienced players are welcome.

Cloud Cap Games has been located in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood for over five years, and has hosted Pathfinder adventure camps for 3 years. Our camps offer a small group experience with personalized attention in a clean and safe environment. Our camp-master, Tam Stockton, has been working with youth and running Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying campaigns for over 7 years. With his exceptional patience and creative spirit, Tam is able to guide young heroes through a rewarding, memorable, and fun social experience.

The cost per camper is $150, which includes everything campers need to play as well as some accessories to take home. Call or email with any questions or to sign up!